Christian Immersion Spanish Academy

Spanish with a Purpose

• Is learning Spanish going to open a new world of opportunities for you?

• Do you have a heart for the Hispanic culture?

• Are you looking for a safe place to learn Spanish, explore a new culture and grow spiritually?

• The Christian Immersion Spanish Academy (CISA) is a unique program in Central America
that upholds Christian values within its operation, curriculum and activities.

Spanish for Families/Couples


Realize your dream to share a new cultural experience together.

Spanish for Individuals


Experience an adventure with a purpose.

Spanish for Groups/Mission Teams

Groups/Mission Teams

Short term trips combining Spanish lessons, community service work and tours.


is the best and safest school to learn Spanish in Costa Rica

CISA is located in the small, rural town of Tuis, which is 25 minutes from the urban city, Turrialba. It is a family oriented and friendly area where Spanish learners, from beginner to advanced levels, will feel welcome!

CISA is a professional and efficient school. CISA uses an exclusive curriculum that has proven to make language acquisition accessible for students of all ages; teens, young adults, college students, professionals, couples, retired and also families with children.

CISA Options

Cross-Cultural Missions Class (adults/teens) - 1hr/week

This class is designed for people who are going to be serving and working in Latin America. It helps them learn and understand the Latin American culture. The focus is on explaining idiosyncrasies, religion, economy, politics, Bible terminology and the Christian church

Cooking class

This student favorite takes place one day a week in the CISA Kitchen. Students are taught how to prepare local Costa Rican dishes.

They take a hands on approach – cutting the vegetables, prepping the food and learning new vocabulary, etc., and then get the bonus of sampling the food at the end of the class!

Helpful hint: Come with an empty stomach so that you have room to eat the delicious food!

Natural Fitness class
1-3 times/week

This class incorporates group fitness at 'Finca Canaanda', located 5 minutes by bus from CISA.

The 1 hr class includes a combination of playing team sports such as; soccer, basketball, volleyball. Or students do weight training, functional movement exercises at the outdoor Fitness Pavilion & Rustic Fitness zone located at the same property.

For students working on specific health goals, Personal Training is available to help with weight loss, gaining muscle mass and overall wellness.

Families with children enjoy being able to be active together!

The class is a great way to stay in shape, practice your Spanish listening and speaking skills!

Intensive Lessons

This class involves taking more formal lessons, as an extension of your morning classes.

Students can review topics that require more practice.

4 hours extra per week

Medical terminology class

Available for medical students and professionals to be able to learn specific Spanish vocabulary within the medical field. The schedule can vary in the afternoons. Please ask for more details.

Spanish for Teachers

A special curriculum designed for Spanish teachers who want to refresh their own Spanish language skills and at the same time learn new second language teaching techniques.

Spanish Online

For students who would like to learn Spanish, but do not have the time or resources to study in Costa Rica, the On-Line Spanish Tutoring Experience is an ideal fit.

This On-Line Experience is also ideal for students who have come to CISA in Costa Rica and would like to continue developing their Spanish skills back home.

The advantages are that students can be in the comfort of their home and can choose the days and times that they are available for class.

The requirements are that students have a computer, tablet, or cell phone and have the Zoom application downloaded on their device.

One of our CISA staff will be assigned as your tutor and you will be sent the Invitation link for the Zoom classes.

The online Spanish tutoring experience includes:

  • Spanish Diagnostic Test: As part of the Orientation, students do a Spanish diagnostic test in order to determine their level of Spanish and with that information are placed with the appropriate teacher and class.
  • Native Spanish Speaking Tutor: Students will receive tutoring from a Native Spanish Speaker and practice listening and conversation skills using authentic language.
  • Orientation & Guidance: Students will be guided and given assistance when needed by their tutor and also have access to the Program Coordinator to discuss any questions or concerns.
  • Materials: All materials are provided to students via Zoom or email (texts and handouts) throughout the classes.

Students are able to choose the amount of hours and days per week they would like to have classes. A 1 month minimum commitment is required. Students are able to extend classes on a monthly basis.


CISA facilitates tours via the 'Rainforest Experience', which arranges special Tours for students.

SSome of our most popular tours are:

  • Rafting
  • Canyoning
  • Chocolate Tour
  • Coffee Tour
  • Caribbean Coast -Cahuita & Puerto Viejo Beach
  • Pacific Coast-Jaco & Manuel Antonio Beaches
  • Turrialba Volcano & Irazu Volcano, Arenal Volcano
  • San Jose shopping & movie tour
  • CATIE Botanical Gardens
  • CATIE Night Tour - tree frogs
  • Hacienda Experience – macadamia, coffee, sugar cane Estate
  • and more!

Students are invoiced for the tours via PayPal once they are at CISA.

Helpful hint: Let us know if there are places you want to visit. We would be happy to help arrange your travels.

Voz Que Clama Mission

The VQC Mission is a not-for-profit mission 501(c)3 that began in 2003 in Tuis. The name means 'The Voice that Cries out'. It is a ministry that was created to outreach to the local and indigenous communities around Tuis through different projects.

The ministry also planted a local church that meets on Sundays. Students are welcome to join and help in the services. It allows them to enjoy the Costa Rican style of worship and the different activities of the ministry. It also gives opportunities for students to meet other local families.

Due to the pandemic most outreach projects have stopped indefinitely, which has limited the opportunities to volunteer.