Why is CISA the best School to Learn Spanish in Costa Rica?

Christian environment, Christian Community

Christian environment, Christian Community


CISA's purpose is to teach Spanish as a second language within a faith community.

Learn Spanish
to serve

According to the Instituto Cervantes there are 560 million Spanish speakers on the planet.

In the United States more than 40 million people are native Spanish speakers.

Learning Experience

The classroom

The classroom

Personalized attention

  • Our class sizes are small (max 5 students), which allows for more personalized attention.
  • All students are given an Orientation package, as well as a tour of Turrialba (a larger city near Tuis).
  • A Spanish assessment is also done to determine which class and level is best suited for you.

Program adapted to the student

  • We specialize in catering our classes to the interests of our students. For example; if you are a Pastor or Missionary and work with Spanish speakers, we would help you learn words appropriate for that context.
  • Also available is our Medical Curriculum for medical students and professionals and a special Curriculum for Teachers of Spanish.

Organic methods and programs, technology/internet

  • We are proud of the fact that our teaching methods go beyond the ‘textbook’. We provide each student with his or her material, but use that as a ‘springboard’ for teaching Spanish.
  • We also use the Internet, videos, songs, do projects within the community, go on field trip lessons (eg. going to the market to practice vocabulary for shopping and money).
  • We term our teaching method as ‘organic’, for its authentic, fresh, and varied way of learning.
Tuis, Turrialba

The Community


  • The interaction with the language through the community and homestay develops the learning of the language.
  • Of most importance is the extensive immersion that a student experiences by both living and learning in a Spanish speaking community. It is the most ideal way a person can develop and progress in their ability to learn a second language.
  • No matter the age or level of Spanish, the time outside the classroom helps one practice speaking in real life situations.

Rural and safe community

  • Rural and safe community in Costa Rica with all the services in a modern campus.
  • CISA Turrialba is located in one of the safest communities in Costa Rica. It is a family oriented community, with many children and teens.
  • The 'simpler'/rural way of life, is very attractive for students and families who want a break from their busy lives back home.

Staff & VQC Mission

CISA Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

April Binnie, Program Coordinator, Costa Rica

April Binnie, from Toronto, Canada, is a graduate from the University of Toronto and has made Costa Rica her home since 2006. She has worked as the Program Coordinator since CISA was established. She is married to Costa Rican, Tony Sanchez and they have two children, Valentina & Noah.

Tony Sanchez, Natural Fitness Adventure Class Personal Trainer

Tony Sanchez, from Turrialba, Costa Rica is a Certified Personal Trainer from the University of Costa Rica. He is also a 3 time National Body Building Champion. He teaches the CISA Natural Adventure Fitness class, which includes a combination of outdoor activities (hiking, weights, Rustic Fitness (similar to Crossfit), soccer, etc.). He is married to April Binnie and they have 2 children, Valentina & Noah.

Ronny Rivera Calderon – CISA Chofer

Ronny is an experienced and professional chofer for CISA’s transportation needs. He drives a 16 passenger van, which makes it very spacious and comfortable for our students. He does airport transfer service, as well as drives students to their desired tours. He is married and has 2 children.

CISA Teachers

Our CISA teachers have been trained in teaching Spanish as a second language and have experience teaching in different educational sectors from primary to high school levels. They are Costa Ricans who live in Tuis or in Turrialba area. The teachers are Christians and uphold Christian values. CISA has teachers that work with children, teens and adults.

Voz Que Clama Mission

Voz Que Clama Mission

The VQC mission is a bridge to serve the Costa Rican community and allows students to serve others and grow spiritually.

The Voz Que Clama Mission, founded in 2003 by two Costa Rican's, has now grown into a unique center and community located in Tuis de Turrialba.

The Mission family consists of young children, teens and adults that live within the surrounding area and who participate in the VQC Mission church services on Sunday's, as well as join in on other activities during the week; women's and men's Bible studies, Seniors group, Sunday School, special events, etc.

CISA students find it a very enriching experience to participate in the activities of the Mission. The connections and friendships that are built are memorable and life changing.

Students experience a taste of how Costa Rican's live, work and relax. It is a perspective that one does not get to see in a tourist resort. Students' interactions with the community help Tuis and the Mission to grow.

Please visit the Mission website: www.vqcmission.com

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