Tired of the same old vacation plans?

Summer is here!

Thinking of doing the average Six Flags Great America Trip again? Or bribing your children to join you for museum visits? What about combining adventure, education, community, culture, and sightseeing all in one trip? If this sparks your interest, then consider traveling to Costa Rica to attend Christian Immersive Spanish Academy (CISA)!

This is the perfect way to spend your summer break; hot weather, learning a new language, meeting new people and enjoying a variety of tours including a coffee tour, beach tours, rafting and canoe tours.

Need more convincing? See what previous people have said about their experiences at CISA…

“My expectations were surpassed so much so that I want to go back and never leave. In September 2010 I left my comforts and friends and spent ten life changing weeks with CISA.”

“The experience I had at CISA greatly improved my speaking skills in providing one-on-one classroom instruction with a great teacher, whowas able to answer and tailor my learning based on my questions and level….The communities in Tuis and at the mission were amazing, making it very easy for me to feel at home and to create friendships.”

“My favorite part about my experience in Tuis was getting to know the people; I learned so much from their generosity, love for people and love for God!”

So if you want to have the experience of a lifetime, make life long friends and make the most of your summer break…. Come visit CISA!

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