Why Tuis, Costa Rica Should Be On Your Bucket List!

“Breath-taking!” “Culturally diverse!”
“Full of activity!” “Community!”

If any of the above strike your curiosity, Tuis, Costa Rica may just be the next place to add on your bucket list!

Tuis, Costa Rica is a small, rural township in the Cartago province of Costa Rico, only a 25-minute drive from the city of Turrialba.

There are many things that make Tuis a great place. The beautiful scenery, full of forest and vegetation makes for a full day of exploring. Also, not far away is the Turrialba Volcano, which has a picturesque beauty that is breath-taking.

Aside from the beautiful scenery are the dozens of activities to enjoy with friends and family. From tours to hiking and canyoning there is something that will meet your needs. Take for instance the Hacienda Tour, taking you through the macadamia, coffee and sugar cane estates. Or if you are the more outdoorsy type, there are plenty of cycling trails and rafting adventures awaiting your arrival! Or maybe a leisurely walk around the CATIE botanical gardens is more your style.

But perhaps the greatest thing about Tuis is the sense of community. The locals are extremely welcoming and this sense of community is a large reason that CISA (Christian Immersion Spanish Academy) chose Tuis for its home. CISA is an academy that teaches Spanish, but it cannot be done without the support and hospitality of the locals who open their homes to CISA’s students. The academy thrives here, offering many different experiences for anyone; from individuals to families and groups. Providing courses in biblical studies, cooking, fitness and right on through to medical terminology, all done through immersing students’ in Tuis’ culture. Of course, all of this would not be possible if it were not for the amazing community, welcoming and including the students into their way of life and making Tuis their second home.

With all of this as, why would you want to learn Spanish any other way?

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